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March 01 2018

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Lift Rental Specialists Offer Access to Some of the Most Useful Equipment of All

Being able to safely reach elevated places can be just what it takes to complete a difficult and important job. Boom lift rental companies like High Reach provide access to equipment that can be used to achieve almost any set of related goals. With many potentially useful options to choose from, there will rarely be a need to compromise at all.

Several Distinct Approaches to Elevated Access

There are a dozens of different machines on the market today which can be used to lift material, equipment, or workers to places elevated above the ground. The three general types that most commonly prove to be useful and suitable to particular situations are:

Telescoping lifts. With a boom comprising a number of sliding sections that nest within one another when the apparatus contracts, the telescoping lift design maximizes the amount of reach and elevation that can be achieved in just about any situation. Some telescoping lifts are capable of extending eighty feet or more, making it possible to use such machines even on fairly ambitious construction projects. Most lifts of this class are also equipped with a wide range of safety- and convenience-related features to further extend their range of usefulness.

Articulated lifts. While a telescoping boom will often prove to be the best choice for a particular job, there will be times when more in the way of flexibility is needed. Since a telescoping lift can only extend along a single axis, with its movement otherwise being dictated by the operation of a mount at its base, such equipment can be difficult to make full use of in confined quarters. Lifts that are designed around more fully articulated extending elements frequently prove to be much better suited to places where obstacles might be present. While these will not always match the ultimate extension of simpler telescoping designs, they can easily end up affording more practically useful elevation.

Forklifts. While most forklifts are only meant to raise their cargo a few feet at most, some are designed to be capable of a whole lot more. Forklifts with platforms that can be raised ten feet or even higher can serve well in places where another type of lift might be overkill.

The Right Lift Rental Available at Any Time

As those who visit HR2FL.com will see, there are many options within each of these general categories to investigate. A quick view here will reveal that finding a perfectly suitable type of lift for any job should never be difficult at all.

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